Below is a more detailed description of the two services Cherisse provides. Additionally, please watch the two video clips where Cherisse talks about her methodology.  

To the right is a list of litigation services. 




  • Estate Planning: wills, trusts, powers of attorney
  • Elder law
  • Trust litigation
  • Dissolution and divorce
  • Contracts
  • Corporate law and non-profit law
  • Business law




Two-Day Divorce


To mitigate an already painful period, Cherisse offers a two-day divorce process. You and your spouse can safely navigate through this period without additional stress and pain. 

To see Cherisse explain her two day divorce process, please watch the video below:

(video here)

EMergency Trust & Wills


Cherisse will come to a hospital, or to a hospice where a client is under care, to help draft legal documents quickly and effectively. Many believe that it is too late to draft the necessary documents at this stage; in truth, Cherisse has helped clients draft entire estate plans during their final days. Cherisse also helps make changes in existing plans that better serve those they are leaving behind. She believes that taking care of your loved ones prior to passing will help you resolve and heal relationships allowing you more peace as you transition. 

Please view the clip below to watch Cherisse discuss her estate planning process: 

(video here)